Sunday, June 5, 2011

Funky Fresh

Wore this outfit on a day out with my friend Kristen … I decided to call the outfit FUNKY FRESH, because I randomly told her, “I am wearing a funky fresh outfit today” out of nowhere. And when she actually saw the outfit, she totally agreed that it was funky, fresh, and effortlessly chic. Hahahahahah!! Loved that compliment! Thanks babe!!!

The pants I'm wearing have been mine since 2004 (7 years!!, would u believe?!). The story of the pants: I studied in Spain as a foreign exchange student one summer and those who've been there should know about Bershka. Everyday after class my friends and I would go on shopping adventures to the city center of Santander and go crazy shopping. This was one of my purchases. Haven't worn them in ages, and now that the flared/wide-legged trend is back I decided to take it out of my 'old clothes' box.

I just realized when I wore the outfit that flares/wide legged pants look perfect with wedges, and I also just realized that I've never actually worn flares with wedges ever. So now I know. Take a look at my uber cute floral wedges from Forever 21 peeping out from underneath my pants!!!




  1. pretty 70's look! love it!

  2. pretty jeans! love the top so much ;)

  3. i absolutely love this look especially the pants!! hi gwyneth! hope to meet you one day! anyway congratulations on the PFW shows! I wasn't able to make it to the last one but the previous one I saw, and I saw you! :) followed!


  4. Love the look! I love the prints on the bangles and the shoes! Is that a bandeau bra? I'm obsessed with them! Def love this