Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Korea Trip 2011 - Days 1 & 2

We recently came from Korea for a family trip! The #1 highlight of the trip, I must say, was the SNOW that happened right on our last day. We knew that Korea had a lot of ski resorts open all year round... a good opportunity to allow my 2 year old to experience snow for the very first time. We didn't expect it to actually snow, since it was already March, and we were told that it rarely snowed in March. So when it did... Woohoo! We were all dancing and singing in joy. Haha! Plus, coming from a tropical country, we rarely get the opportunity to bundle up and dress up in layers. So I really enjoyed the packing process and the putting together of outfits for myself and my 2 year old daughter.

We took the red-eye flight to Korea and arrived at around 4am. You can imagine how exhausted we were from the trip. So right after a quick MickeyDs breakfast at the airport, we went straight to our hotel (Hotel Sky in Incheon) and slept from like 6am to 12nn. Poor baby girl was so tired and didn't want to get up for lunch. We had to bribe her with ice cream to get up. So moving on, we walked to the nearby Lotte Mart - a department store and supermarket, home to Korea, which you can find in every city you go to. I guess you can say this is their equivalent to the Philippine's SM Superstores. We had lunch at the food court. Afterwhich, we walked around and explored Incheon by foot.

We found lots of octopuses in tanks in the streetside shops and found out that Koreans actually ate these raw... as an appetizer of some sort. Whoa right?! Didn't try it, as I am not THAT adventurous.

Now for the outfit shot... (Pardon the blurriness)

On the evening of day 1 we took a 'Korea by Night' city tour. First stop was Myeong-Dong, one of Seoul's main shopping districts. If I remember correctly, it's a long strip of mid-to-high priced retail stores like H&M, Zara, Forever 21, Bvlgari, Louis Vuitton, and many more. In the middle of the strip are mini kiosks selling assorted goods from clothes to socks to dried squid. I would've loved to stay a little longer and shop around, but we only had an hour there... which we used up for dinner. 

Next stop was the Cheonggyecheon Stream (See photo above). I found this stream very interesting. Its a 5.8-km stream that starts in the heart of downtown Seoul and courses through other districts and eventually empties into the Han River. Pretty interesting too because back then this stream used to be where Korean women did their laundry. Another interesting fact is that it is a "restored" stream. A big highway was formerly built on top of the stream. It was demolished and restored around the early 2000s. See before and after pic below...

-----------------------------(... Stay tuned for Day 2...)-----------------------------
We started our 2nd day in Korea at lunch time, since we wanted to catch up on sleep from the previous day's tiring flight. So after a good night's sleep, we were now ready for more adventure. As I mentioned above, we stayed in Incheon... In and around Incheon there were lots of small restaurants and food stores. So before catching the train at the Unseo station, we stepped into one of the random authentic Korean restos, not knowing how good it would be. We were pleasantly surprised to have experienced the best Korean lunch ever! Seriously! It was soooo good. The soup we ordered was a sort of long and thin macaroni type noodle soup with dried seeweed on top. Twas good. Next up, we ate slices of pork, which we had to cook on our own in the built-in griller on our table. It was just so good with the sauce it came with. This pork dish is the one you have to eat wrapped in lettuce leaves. Oh, and not to mention the free flowing Kimchi and appetizers. Omg can't get over it. Love Korean food.

So good. So unforgettable.


After our heavy lunch we walked to the nearby Unseo Station where we spent a 2 hour train ride to Dongdaemun. This place is known to be the shopping district of Korea with lots of shoppping malls, department stores and even stalls and racks of clothes right on the streets. Spent the afternoon shopping. The clothes they were selling outside were pretty affordable too! Not bad at all! :)


 So that's about it for Day 2. It was a day of good food and good shopping. The train ride was way too long though, and there were too many switching and changing of trains and stations, which made day 2 really tiring. So my adivice is, if you plan to go shopping in Dongdaemun, spend a whole day. I only had 2 hours to shop because of the long train ride we had to go through. That's about it for now. Stay tuned for Days 3 & 4!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

More Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011 Pics

Instead of posting individual entries per show, I'll just upload a bunch of some of the shows I did last May '11 for PFW (since this is loooong overdue). Also, so I can update my blog. Been so busy!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another Matchy Outfit, Another Kiddie Party

It was my model friend's daughter's 1st birthday party last week and I just decided my daughter and I had to come in matching outfits! It was perfect timing 'cos right after I bought the red & white hearts cardigan below, someone (my uncle and aunt) gave my daughter a dress with the same print! Sooooo perfect right?! So there we go in our matching outfits. She poses wayyyy better than I do! He-he-he-he!!!!!!! Don't cha think so? :)




Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Daughter's 3rd Barbie Birthday Party

Time flies so fast!!!! I can't believe my daughter is already 3 years old! I just remember myself being in labor at the hospital.. and now she's like the most talkative and cutest thing ever! Just a couple of months ago we started teaching her her birthday. E.g. June 15, 2008. So everyday she was would say, "I'm turning 3 on June 15." Little by little, she would insert 'in Jollibee.' Next thing we knew she would always say, "I'm turning 3 on June 15 in Jollibee." That's why just a month ago we placed a down payment for her birthday in Jollibee - her first major decision.

Now as a mom it was my decision to pick her theme... They only had 3 themes available in Jollibee: Transformers, My Best Friend Jollibee, and Barbie. The least BADUY (translation: LAME) was the Barbie theme, so that's what we picked. Plus, she's actually been starting to get into Barbie these past few days (Thanks to the Barbie DVD her daddy just bought her recently). I gave her party a lil oomph by adding the stripes and dots theme for her invitation (including Zebra Stripes or Leopard Spots). Even mentioned that a special prize would be given to the best outfit. Check out her invitation (made by yours truly):

Fast forward to the birthday week.. Had a fashion show the day before so the Polka Dot Topshop dress that I especially reserved for her birthday ended up being used for my fashion show. So on the day of her birthday had to go on a quick and necessary shopping trip (didn't have anything new to wear anymore). Went to F21 and hubby just gave me 20 t o30 minutes to get my outfit. I don't like going shopping with him cos he gives me such a short time limit. The outfit below is the best I could come up with, with that short 20 - 30 minutes time span. The outfit was a subtle mix of two animal prints – a zebra print top and a pair of leopard shoes! My daughter’s dress was a zebra print dress, that's why I really made sure to match with her.

All our other guests participated very well and came in polka dots and stripes too, such as my two uber closest girlfriends Karen(left) and Kristen(right) .

I wish I was able to take more individual outfit photos of my various guests that evening… But I was just way too busy being the party host that I didn’t even get to eat. I also realized way too late that I wasn’t able to take a mother-daughter photo of us two in our matching outfits (except for the cropped pic below)! Boohoo right?! But all good. At least the party went well, and most importantly, my daughter had a blast! :)

She was getting a bit freaked out with Jollibee at this point.


Friday, June 17, 2011

Take Me to A Ball


Modeled for Popo Go's Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011 collection just recently. I really love his gowns. They're really flattering on a woman's body, unlike others which look too boxy, or don't cinch the waist snuggly enough. Love the small details too, they really make his outfits jaw droppers.

The shoot was suuuuuper fun! We were about 10 models, and four of us come from the Fashion Watch Faces group so the whole shoot was a big fat Hang Out... with a capital H and O. I was the most boisterous for the day.... Kept cracking jokes and just being silly. I dunno if they slipped some energy drink powder (aka extra joss) into my coke that day....
Here's me:

I'm happy with the shot thie photographer Dharz picked. During the shoot I was tinkering around with the photog's MacBook trying to send myself copies (like 5 to 10 poses of each layout) of the shots I liked. But the internet was acting up so never got to. Its sad when u like a shot of yourself in a shoot.. But doesn't get picked in sacrifice for the overall niceness of the photo. Thankfully the phtographer's pick and mine were one and the same. Hip Hip Hurray! Yay.

My second look:

Group Shot

After the fun and not so tiring photo shoot (as I said, it was a blast), my friend Lou (She's 5th from left in the red/maroon gown) and I headed to a quick Casting for SM Accessories fashion show, which we both got in. Will post about that fashion show and how it went on my next post.

Toodleloo! :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Paperbag Vintage Design SNEAK PEEK

As you all know, Paperbag Vintage just recently had two batches of an album called SHIFT SALE, to pave way for our upcoming line! Yes, we're coming up with our own designs and are set to launch this new line in the very near future. We're now in possession of our prototypes (just like these gorgy orange wide legged pants, with pleats on the top).

Check me out in Paperbag Vintage wide-legged orange pants with pleats on the top:



Sunday, June 5, 2011

Funky Fresh

Wore this outfit on a day out with my friend Kristen … I decided to call the outfit FUNKY FRESH, because I randomly told her, “I am wearing a funky fresh outfit today” out of nowhere. And when she actually saw the outfit, she totally agreed that it was funky, fresh, and effortlessly chic. Hahahahahah!! Loved that compliment! Thanks babe!!!

The pants I'm wearing have been mine since 2004 (7 years!!, would u believe?!). The story of the pants: I studied in Spain as a foreign exchange student one summer and those who've been there should know about Bershka. Everyday after class my friends and I would go on shopping adventures to the city center of Santander and go crazy shopping. This was one of my purchases. Haven't worn them in ages, and now that the flared/wide-legged trend is back I decided to take it out of my 'old clothes' box.

I just realized when I wore the outfit that flares/wide legged pants look perfect with wedges, and I also just realized that I've never actually worn flares with wedges ever. So now I know. Take a look at my uber cute floral wedges from Forever 21 peeping out from underneath my pants!!!



Sunday, May 29, 2011

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011 - SM / Parisian Shoes

Hey hey! I'm back! I've decided to blog about the different shows I participated in this past Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011. One of the shows I did was SM Department Store's Parisian Shoes. I've been doing the SM Fashion Week shows for the past 4 seasons, and pretty proud since
I've been a die hard SM shopper ever since its old days.. and I'm soo happy to see it evolve in terms of fashion for both clothes and shoes! Their items are certainly living up with the trends - clothes for example had a portion all dedicated to this summer's hot trend of color blocking ....

Now for the shoes, they had 3 segments:

1.) The basics (blacks, camels, nudes)

2.) Brights (turquoise, yellow, orange, etc.)

3.) Printed

Which they showed through pumps with uber high skinny stielletos and printed pattern on the platform portion of the shoe.


Prints on WEDGES

The outfit I wore it with was pretty cool. It was some lingerie bustier paired with shorts. I would actually so wear it .. with some wide legged pants.. or some high waisted shorts...


Especially this one modeled by my co-model Jasmine,... in black

Thats about it for now. :) Be back soon! :)