Sunday, May 29, 2011

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011 - SM / Parisian Shoes

Hey hey! I'm back! I've decided to blog about the different shows I participated in this past Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011. One of the shows I did was SM Department Store's Parisian Shoes. I've been doing the SM Fashion Week shows for the past 4 seasons, and pretty proud since
I've been a die hard SM shopper ever since its old days.. and I'm soo happy to see it evolve in terms of fashion for both clothes and shoes! Their items are certainly living up with the trends - clothes for example had a portion all dedicated to this summer's hot trend of color blocking ....

Now for the shoes, they had 3 segments:

1.) The basics (blacks, camels, nudes)

2.) Brights (turquoise, yellow, orange, etc.)

3.) Printed

Which they showed through pumps with uber high skinny stielletos and printed pattern on the platform portion of the shoe.


Prints on WEDGES

The outfit I wore it with was pretty cool. It was some lingerie bustier paired with shorts. I would actually so wear it .. with some wide legged pants.. or some high waisted shorts...


Especially this one modeled by my co-model Jasmine,... in black

Thats about it for now. :) Be back soon! :)


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  3. thanks for droppin by my blog :) i'm loving bright shoes this season. yay!


  4. One of my faves of you from fashion week!!:-) Your bone structure is stunning, MOWDEL!!!


  5. beautiful pictures!! you are gorgeous!!